Sensor Music Player 2.0.7 APK

Version: 2.0.7
File size: 7.86MB
Requires: Android 5.0+
Updated: March 27, 2018

It is a Simple and New Style of Music Player. 
You can change or skip the songs using sensors available in Music Player.
Are you a Music lover? Do you want lost in the pool of music? Here we bring exciting music player with lot more interesting features. Get into new sensation of uninterrupted music with Sensitive Music Player.

Sensitive player brings some new features for you to have a best music experience. The options that allow you to hear the music in your own style are:

Wave over/ Gesture sensor: 
Are you unlocking your phone every time to change a song? You don’t want to awake your phone to switch and stop the song playing? Here we bring the sensor for you to switch and stop songs just by waving over your phone. Wave over your phone to switch songs and a long stay over your phone stops the song playing. Add on interesting feature is it can be customized. You can customize your wave over options.

Pocket Sensor: 
So here comes the next trouble? Picking up your phone from pocket to control your music player? We had a solution for not awakening you phone. So we also have a solution to this. Do not take your phone from pocket. Instead place the phone up straight in the pocket and just tap over it to control. Tapping the phone over your pockets helps you to change songs. So we took of another trouble right? Install and enjoy the music

Hammer Sensor/ beat or strike the music/ knockout: 
Hammer sensor? Isn’t the name tricky? Are we asking you to hit with hammer? Lol no! Don’t even try it. This hammer sensor is just making your life easy or making a lazy day comfortable. Hammer sensor changes song for you when you can’t reach your phone. Is your phone lying at the other end of the table and you want to change a song? Not to worry, here we to help. Just tap your table and the song switches. Isn’t it simple? It will definitely make your lazy Sunday a better one

Key Features
* You can change, play/pause song by using sensor
* Wave over your hand to change song, need proximity sensor
* Hammer Sensor need some vibration to change track
* Pocket Sensor works based on accelerometer
* Shake to change song
* Browse song by artist/album/tracks/genre and folder wise
* You can create playlist, rename, delete and make any song to ringtone feature added.
* Sleep timer enabled to control music
* Battery timer added to stop the music
Know time through voice
* It will update the time to you each and every half an hour or one hour 
* It is an Ad-Supported Version

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