I'm busy, now. - Block spams APK

File size: 175.64kB
Requires: Android 2.2+
Updated: January 04, 2013

WARNING: doesn't works from Lollipop

Reject or send SMS(eg. "Sorry. I'm busy, now. Please call me later.") automatically to annoying spam calls or some calls during your important meeting/lecture/seminar.

With this application, you can list up some phone numbers or make up some phone number patterns(all phone numbers / start with specific number / end with specific number. Also, You can exceptionally set the specific numbers to non-spam number for your lover or boss).
And, you can easily make up reaction to each number or pattern's call easily.
You can reject call immediately, and/or delete call log, and/or send response SMS automatically.
All setting is easy to use.
You can see manual at : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1l6RAZhD2lS_2rukdi7SMdRbuvoosOwoNhFBw2zDGRZI/edit

+ Thanks to Woojin Choi who checked my description text in English.

Keywords : Spam call, Annoying call, Call block, Call while conference, Send auto response SMS